How Hybrid Cars Evolved

How Hybrid Cars Evolved In this special episode of DNews that was made possible by Toyota, Trace explores the history of the hybrid cars, and explains what makes them so special.

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The First Gas/Electric Hybrid Vehicle Was Invented In 1900
“While hybrid and electric cars are often touted by the media and automobile companies as the wave of the future, in fact, we’re more just re-hashing the wave of the past with them, but with updated technologies.”

Timeline: History of the Electric Car

When Old Things Turn Into New Again
“WHILE combining gasoline and electric motors in a car seems like a miracle of automotive wizardry of the 21st century, the origins of hybrid technology actually date to the end of the 19th.”

What is the history of hybrid cars?
“Generally speaking, a hybrid car is any car that uses more than one fuel source.”

Electric Cars and History
“Since the invention of the first electric motor strong enough to do work in 1834 people have been dreaming of electric powered transportation.”

The Science Behind Hybrid Vehicles
“With the creation of the automobile, we have been able to go from vehicles that rely on steam power (Cugnot Steam Trolley, 1769), to ones that run on gasoline (like the ones commonly used today), and are now moving towards hybrid vehicles.”

Experian Automotive: Total number of vehicles on the road reaches highest level since 2008
“Experian Automotive today announced that the number of cars and light trucks on the road reached 247.9 million in Q2 2013.”

Hybrid Electric Vehicles: A History of Technological Innovation
“Recently there has been much excitement regarding the release of the first hybrid electric vehicles into the American consumer market.”


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