The Best Hybrid and Electric Cars for 2015

The Best Hybrid and Electric Cars for 2015 You have people who want to have an electric car and also have only one car. To have an electric car as your primary car could potentially be problematic because maybe you get a call out of the blue that says you’ve got to go to your relative who’s just gotten sick, and they live 200 miles away, and you don’t have time to try to get on a plane; you need to get in a car and go.

No electric car short of the Tesla can go 200 miles. Even the Tesla, if you had to go and come back quickly and you couldn’t find a supercharger in between that 200 mile roundtrip or 400 mile roundtrip, you’d be in trouble there. So that’s one example.

Then you have people who are fine with having their hybrid electric vehicle as a second or third car because they’ve got a conventional gasoline engine. You’ve got people who live in the city, you’ve got people who live out in the country.

You really have to make sure you match your driving needs to the vehicle you’re getting in general, and that particularly is important when you buy a hybrid or electric car, because if you don’t do that, you’re either going to be out of gas or you’re going to be getting charged on the side of the road and having to be picked up by a wrecker.